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NurKom Promotions

By nurkom Posted Mar 10, 2015

Effective Sales SCRIPT for your Business by NurKom Promotions Posted on

If you are looking for well researched, accurate, and relevant professional script writing services that creatively and persuasively promote your business product or service, then NURKOM’s SCRIPT WRITING SERVICE JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!! Our outstanding team of highly skilled, amazingly creative copywriters and editors can draft a superbly crafted script designed for maximum…

By nurkom Posted Mar 3, 2015

Do you need to promote your career or talent?

Maximize your potential to take your popularity to a whole new level of success! We at NurKom Promotions understand what it takes to get your business, brand or face in front of the right audience and make an impact! Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are quickly becoming the most effective ways to build a solid fan…

By nurkom Posted Mar 1, 2015

NurKom’s Social Media Marketing Promotional Services

COMMIT TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS OR PERSONAL PROFILE WITH TWITTER INTELLIGENTLY & BRILLIANTLY CRAFTED PROMOTIONAL SERVICES on Twitter, designed to enhance your image and develop your On-line Presence. We craft custom designed & specifically targeted Twitter specialty promotions services, geared to get you tangible results such as MORE Twitter followers, Re-tweets, More favorites, Many more…

By nurkom Posted Feb 25, 2015

Creative Business Card Design by NurKom Promotions

Dazzle your business prospects, contacts & associates with ultra-modern, sleek, and eye-catching business card designs. Need to share a bit more information? No problem! Our dual-sided, high-impact business cards offer double the printing space – available only from NURKOM Promotions! From the simple to spectacular – we do it all! Custom business cards that are…

By nurkom Posted Feb 18, 2015


Each and Every Music Artist needs their very own – Official Social Network & Artist Web Page Presentation Promo Videos! Nurtuan Records knows the music business up and down, inside and out! In collaboration with NurKom VFX & Animation Creative Studios, we’ll create you, top-quality, customized, creative and easy-to-understand videos for any and all of…

By nurkom Posted Feb 15, 2015

Creative Logo Design by NurKom Promotions

Stand out from the crowd with highly creative and effective Logo Designs by NurKom Promotions. From creative concept development to delivery of an amazing, highly unique, hi-resolution, conversion-oriented logo for your business, company or record label – NurKom Promotions gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively! Your logo is a big deal –…

By nurkom Posted Feb 10, 2015

Effective Slogan/Tagline Creation by NurKom Promotions

Every individual or business needs an awesome Slogan to promote their services, products, or themselves! At NurKom Promotions, we specialize in ultra-creative slogans that are guaranteed to get you noticed, give voice to your unique brand or style, and make connections today that last forever! Your slogan is your specific tag line usually placed next…

By nurkom Posted Feb 5, 2015


By nurkom Posted Feb 1, 2015

Creative Visual Production by Nurtuan Records

Breaking out as a musician, music producer, recording artist, or manager in the music industry is a difficult task. You need to instantly connect with your target audience to ensure they remember you. There is no greater, more effective or powerful engagement tool available to musicians, managers, and performing artists today than a HIGH-QUALITY, VISIONARY,…