NurKom Promotions

NurKom Promotions

By nurkom Posted Oct 23, 2015

Innovative Infographics & Illustrations by NurKom Promotions

Amazing Infographics & Innovative Illustrations are “THE KEY” TO GREAT BUSINESS PROMOTIONS! You have to STAND OUT from the crowd and grab consumer’s attention quickly! NurKom Promotions specializes in producing cutting-edge, brilliantly crafted, and explosively executed promotional campaigns that instantly catch the viewer’s eye. Our expert and dedicated team is standing by RIGHT NOW to…

By nurkom Posted Oct 16, 2015

Looking to promote your business, products, or services?

No matter what your industry or target demographic, NurKom is your one-stop-shop to MAXIMIZE REACH and BOOST ENGAGEMENT on all marketing efforts to make your business, products, or services a hit! Simply offering a great product is not enough. You need NurKom to help you reach the right demographics with your advertising that will truly…

By nurkom Posted Oct 15, 2015

Check out NurKom Pictures on Official Social Networks © NR ‪#‎NurKomPictures‬ ‪#‎Official‬ ‪#‎Social‬ ‪#‎Networks‬ ‪#‎Facebook‬ ‪#‎Instagram‬ ‪#‎Youtube‬ ‪#‎Vimeo‬ ‪#‎Twitter‬ ‪#‎VK‬

By nurkom Posted Oct 14, 2015

Creative Lyrics Videos by Nurtuan Records

“Creative Lyrics Videos” WILL MAKE YOUR MUSIC VIDEO ROCK! Nurtuan Records in collaboration with Nurkom Pictures VFX & Animation Creative studio, is excited to offer mind blowing, inventive, and stylistic “lyric videos” that are guaranteed to get your music more hits, more likes, more fans and more listens! Want your videos at the top of…

By nurkom Posted Oct 10, 2015

Only this Month!! A huge Discount from NurKom Promotions!

Logo Design – 25$ Business Card Design – 25$ Infographic Design – 25$ Banner/Poster Design – 25$ Slogan Creation – 25$ Scripts Writing (150 words) – 25$ Intro Promo Videos – 25$ Animated Explainer Videos (15 sec video) – 25$ Website Presentations Promo (15 sec video) – 25$ Hurry up!!! Order today and get results…

By nurkom Posted Oct 5, 2015


Get your music instantly noticed and make jaw-dropping impressions with Nurtuan Records! Don’t take a chance with your music’s artwork! Go with the guys who know the industry inside-out: Nurtuan Records! We specialize in personalized graphic designs for bands, artists, labels & music publishers. Nurtuan Records produces only the highest-quality, brilliantly creative, and bursting with…

By nurkom Posted Sep 29, 2015

Animated Business Explainer Videos by NurKom Promotions

Would u like an animated video that your customers will find memorable and entertaining to describe your products and services? We’ve got you covered! Our creative team works their fingers to the bone, to deliver you the most descriptive and creative videos sure to get the results you desire. There is no better way to…

By nurkom Posted Sep 23, 2015


Need high quality Google+ Promotions? Why not outsource to save time and money? NurKom Promotions provides top-quality Google + promotions you can order with a simple click of your mouse! Catapult your business ahead of the competition with NurKom’s premium Google + campaigns. We specialize in helping small companies grow their exposure, increase their traffic…

By nurkom Posted Sep 20, 2015

Check out NurKomPromotions on Official Social Networks! © NK ‪#‎NurKomPromotions‬ ‪#‎Official‬ ‪#‎Social‬ ‪#‎Networks‬ ‪#‎Facebook‬ ‪#‎Twitter‬ ‪#‎Instagram‬ ‪#‎Youtube‬ ‪#‎Google‬ ‪#‎VK‬ ‪#‎Soundcloud‬

By nurkom Posted Sep 18, 2015


Each and Every Music Artist needs their very own – Official Social Network & Artist Web Page Presentation Promo Videos! Nurtuan Records knows the music business up and down, inside and out! In collaboration with NurKom VFX & Animation Creative Studios, we’ll create you, top-quality, customized, creative and easy-to-understand videos for any and all of…