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NurKom Promotions

By nurkom Posted Nov 20, 2018

When you need to take your success to the next level – #NurKom is here and ready to hit the ground running!

We know every business or artistic endeavor has a unique target audience, a unique message, and unique promotional needs. At #NurKomPromotions– we get that and have customized our #servicesto provide a wide array of essential promotional services to meet our client’s unique needs – no matter what industry they are in or demographic they target!…

By nurkom Posted Nov 16, 2018

NurkomPromotions Video Product Review Services!

It is certainly not easy to stand out in this highly competitive video review ecosystem, where everything counts as a magnetizing agent! Be that as it may, a successful campaign is the key prerequisite for a successful product development. And, when we are talking about campaigns, nothing can give the consumers a better idea than…

By nurkom Posted Nov 13, 2018

Creative #LogoDesigns by NurKom Promotions (50$)

The Official Logo Design for “SideInTree Company”   Stand out from the crowd with highly #creative and #effective Logo Designs by #NurKomPromotions.   From creative #concept development to delivery of an #amazing, highly #unique, hi-resolution, conversion-oriented logo for your #business, #company or #recordlabel – NurKom Promotions gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively!…

By nurkom Posted Nov 7, 2018

Looking to promote your business, products or services?

No matter what your industry or target demographic is, NurKom is your one-stop-shop to MAXIMIZE REACH and BOOST ENGAGEMENT on all marketing fronts, to make your business, products or services a hit! Simply offering a great product isn’t enough. You need NurKom to help you reach the right demographics with advertising that will truly ENGAGE,…

By nurkom Posted Nov 2, 2018

4 Week Social Media Marketing Plan by NurKom Promotions (350$)

We at NurKom Promotions understand what it takes to get your business, brand or face in front of the right audience and make an impact! The advancement of technology and the materialization of internet marketing forced the organizations, be it domestic or multinational, to adjust their marketing plans with the changes of the online marketing…

By nurkom Posted Sep 20, 2018

Intro Promo Design by NurKom Promotions (75$)

The Official Intro Promo Design for “Francesco Gusto – deliziosa pizza” Today, every business needs a UNIQUE Intro Promo Video for their business..! You have only seconds to impress and leave a lasting positive impression of your brand on your clients. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your own Intro Promo Video designed…

By nurkom Posted Sep 4, 2018

Are you looking towards taking your business to the next level? Do you need help with creating extraordinary marketing scenarios?

NurKom Promotions, came out with the concept of FOUR new promotional packages to facilitate the engagement of your products and services to your audiences. Package 1 (50$) Right now, we are offering a package starting from $50, which will include a series of services like posting the name of your business, brand or your product…

By nurkom Posted Sep 3, 2018

Check out NurKom Promotions in Social Media!

Check out NurKom Promotions in Social Media! © NK

By nurkom Posted Aug 15, 2018

Are you looking to promote your career, business or talent?

Well, there’s never been a better time to maximize potential and boost your success to a whole new level! We’re NurKom Promotions and we specialize in getting your business, brand, or face in front of the right audience to make a crucial impact on your success! These days, sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are…

By nurkom Posted Aug 10, 2018

NurKom Promotions VIP Customer Program At NurKom we’re all about making our clients as satisfied as possible. We know this means that we have to deliver outstanding quality and incredible value. To help deliver even more value to our most loyal clients, NurKom Promotions is introducing a VIP Customer Program! Here’s how it works: •…