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By nurkom Posted Oct 10, 2017

Are you looking towards taking your business to the next level? Do you need help with creating extraordinary marketing scenarios?

NurKom Promotions, came out with the concept of FOUR new promotional packages to facilitate the engagement of your products and services to your audiences.

Package 1 (50$)

Right now, we are offering a package starting from $50, which will include a series of services like posting the name of your business, brand or your product in one of the famous business magazines with a unique and convincing article. Just imagine, how much recognition you and your business will get from publishing contents on one of the famed magazine or journals. It will have a definite and positive impact on your business.

Additionally, we are going to provide a week-length twitter promotion campaign for your venture that will eventually help you in achieving the targeted amount of awareness and acknowledgment. This dedicated promotion will certainly render you to a wide variety of audiences. You are going to be overwhelmed with the recognition and your desired set of businesses will move to follow you in due courses.

For a superior awareness and recognition, we will post your product on our already established Official Social Channels to promote your product in the best way possible. What interesting, with a bit additional outlay, we can provide a High-Quality Video Promotional Review of your products, services or businesses.

Package 2 (100$)

This special package consists of a bundle of services – Three publications in three different business magazines with exclusive articles. These distinctive articles will garner a lot of publicity and attention for your products, services, and businesses as a whole. With a bit additional outlay, we can provide a High-Quality Video Promotional Review of your products, services or businesses. Last but not the least, this package will incorporate a 1-Week Twitter campaign. This package will start from $100.

Package 3 (150$)

With this particular package, we will proffer you a week-long social media promotional overhaul for a strong and engaging online customer base. On top of that, we will help you to publish 4 attractive articles on 4 different journals and magazines. To improve the visibility and the equity of the business, you will hardly find any better and credible source than magazines and journals.
Furthermore, with a starting outlay of $150, our offer of promoting the products or services on Official Social Channels and Video Promotional Review will also be included under this particular package.

Package 4 (200$)

Finally, we have our last package that will focus on postings regarding your products and services in 6 famous business magazines with compelling articles. These 6 articles can rock your business like a tsunami. You will harvest a huge exposure and reliability from the audience and it will have a constructive impact on your business. This package starts from $200. As usual, we will promote your products and services on our Official Social Channels. In addition, we will also provide you with an HQ Video Promotional Review of your business or service. The week-long exclusive social media promotional campaign will also be included in this particular package.

More Shares -> More Exposure -> More Likes -> More Sales! With NurKom Promotions Company, you are guaranteed to get more than your anticipation without having to spend more time and money!

NurKom Promotions aims toward helping you promoting your business and capturing a larger audience. So, help your business expand and thrive with services from Nurkom Promotions.

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